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  • How do I book?
    You can either call or submit through our contact page. Please be sure to include SQFT, address, and any other details!
  • Do your photographers have access to SUPRA lock boxes?
    We do not. Please meet us at the listing or provide us with a contractors lock box, door code, etc.
  • How do I cancel a booking?
    You can either call, text, or email. If its on the day of the shoot a cancelation fee may apply. **No cancellation fee for weather**
  • Do you provide discounts for multiple orders
    Yes volume discounts are availble for individuals and offices.
  • Do you shoot on weekends?
    Yes we do. Photos shot on Saturday will be available Monday morning.
  • What is your turn around time?
    Our turn around time is 24-48 hours on photography and 3 business days with videos.
  • Whats your pricing?
    Please check under our pricing tab at the top of the page. Commercial Real Estate? Contact us through our website or call us at 860 395 9573 for a custom quote.
  • How should my listing look?
    The home should be as photo ready as possible. 1) Everything cleaned of clutter and put away. 2) Toilet Seats down and shampoo and soaps put away. 3) Blinds adjusted. 4) Animals put away 5) Fans off 6) Cars parked on the street 7) All lights on
  • What happens if the photographer arrives and the listing isnt ready?
    A fee may apply if the photographer has to wait or return to the listing.
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